Adaption to change

  1. How much money is available (ESF+national funding)?
  • A total of €1,580,625 is available for the offers and measures in the funding period 2014-2020.

2. What are the goals of this investment priority?

  • Increasing the skills and qualifications of persons in those fields which are indispensable for a modern knowledge-based society (such as information and communications technology and environment-related knowledge)
  • Strengthening competitiveness by increasing the skills of businesspeople, key personnel and skilled workers

3. Which measures are possible?

  • Skills training for businesspeople (also when taking over an existing business) and for key personnel and skilled workers
  • Needs-oriented upskilling measures for the further development of a knowledge-based society

4. Which possible target groups are addressed?

  • Businesspeople and the self-employed
  • Business founders and those taking over existing businesses
  • Key and specialist/skilled workers
  • Employees, young people, older people, women
  • People with special needs
  • Migrants and members of minorities (e.g. Roma/Romnia)

5. Who realises the plans?

  • Wirtschaftsservice Burgenland AG
  • Office of the Provincial Government of Burgenland – Department 6, Subsidies office