How can employers be encouraged to establish apprenticeships? Understanding the barriers to implementation in SMEs

28. April 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr online Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Apprenticeships are an important part of national training and employment strategies and a valuable route to give young people and employers the skills they need in modern economies.

Many employers do not participate in apprenticeship schemes. Apprenticeships may not be right for all types of business. However, there may be employers who might benefit who have not yet done so.

Factors that discourage employers involvement in apprenticeships are varied and usually include lack of awareness of the benefits of apprenticeships, lack of experience of working with VET providers and perceive administrative, practical and financial costs to overweigh the benefits of the apprenticeships.

The  Live Discussion will examine the factors that have encouraged employers to set up apprenticeship schemes, the barriers they encountered and how they can be addressed. In particular, we will examine the issues from the perspective of the SMEs to understand how they can best be supported to establish an effective apprenticeship scheme.

The live discussion will be chaired by Dr Jeff Bridgford. The following guests will participate in the panel discussion:  :

  • Mr Dominik Jenewein, managing director of the furniture industry JEWA, member of the Austrian economic chamber (WKO) and spokesman of the Tyrolean Junge Wirtschaft (Young Economy).
  • Ms Ildikó Pataki , Education Policy Advisor for the Municipality of Reșița, Romania. (EAfA member since 2020) and the Re-Edu Smart initiative.
  • Ms Silvia Miro, Training and Employment Director of Pimec (EAfA 05.2020), the employer organisation representing half a million SMEs and half a million self-employed in Catalonia.


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